Buffalo Cookware


Buffalo Cookware Journey

The Overview of gigantic company that originally from Taiwan since 1957, pioneer in stainless steel cookware.

Buffalo has a long history spanning for nearly half a century. Equipped with the most advanced technology and highest standard production plant in Asia, our multiply stainless steel cookware business flourished internationally. Buffalo products are sold worldwide and are well received in U.S.A., Asia, Japan and Europe.

Buffalo Cookware belongs to one of the big four stainless steel producers in the world. Since 1957, Buffalo has been progressing with the wisdom and experience gained from many years of research and innovation; technological advances; and strict product testing to bring you the safest and healthiest cookware. Buffalo Cookware places emphasis on the science of heat conductivity to generate a healthy, low-heat and low-energy consumption cooking experience, which is becoming more and more important in modern life. As time goes on, we will continue to develop and produce stainless steel cookware, kitchenware, and innovative kitchen appliances.

Buffalo Cookware was established in 1957. Its founder is a stainless steel professional. He had always believed stainless steel to be the most durable material, and he advocated it as a material for very healthy cookware even at a time when consumers were not fully ready to accept the concept. In 1961, a few years after its inception, Buffalo developed a series of stainless steel pressure cookers, followed by the first traditional wok made of stainless steel. In 1980, the first multi-layer cookware was invented, and two years later Buffalo became the first foreign company in Japan, where there is a high demand for high-quality cookware, to receive the IH, CH, SG certification. In 1982, Buffalo began production of the first space age composite metal cookware products. These and other events in our company’s history have demonstrated Buffalo’s commitment to innovation and the science of heat conductivity. Buffalo strives to continue the evolution of cookware. Buffalo draws from ideas and concepts rooted in eastern philosophy and creates products based on the principle of healthy living and attention to fine quality and detail. Buffalo products are available all over the world. Its products are exported to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Japan, where local markets demand high-quality cookware. For over a half century, Buffalo has been proud to exemplify the characteristics of dependabiltiy, durabilty and dedication.