Buffalo Smart Cooker KW57

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Smart Cooker with Micro Computer

It is small, compact, stylish and easy to carry. Suitable for individual or small family, yet portable enough for travellers.

With the BUFFALO Smart Cooker, cooking healthy meals has never been easier. The BUFFALO Clad inner pot is scratch-resistant and allows fastand even heat conduction. Using steam for rapid heating, it retains the natural taste of ingredients and its nutrition.


Excellent for cooking all types of ingredients. I am using a stainless steel turner to cook. The Stainless Steel surface is extremely durable and scratch resistant. Now I can be 100% assured that there is no wear off particles in my food. Save money on replacement!


I love using Buffalo Function Series Pot to quick stir-fry vegetables. There is no need to add water, hence retaining more nutrients and moist, crunchy not raw. This is a better cooking method as compare to steaming the green vegetables which usually turn out to be overcooked and yellowish in color. Now my little one loves eating vegetables more than ever.


Usually when cooking spicy sambal dishes, the empowering smell will make me sneezed, kitchen get very smoky too. But not with Buffalo Function Series Wok. Quite surprising right? The hot chilli oil doesn't splatter much too, my face is dry and clean after cooking. Love it!