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Changing stereotypical knowledge of stainless steel cookware. Buffalo is evolving and leading the stainless steel cookware industry with its newly developed innovative and revolutionary Function Series.

Buffalo is dedicated to offer a comprehensive range of finest stainless steel, synonymous with Professional, Quality and Healthy. We are committed to innovate the healthy cookware constantly so as to provide an ultimate cooking for every family. Our 5-ply series cookware combines the durability of stainless steel, with the high conductivity of aluminium, making it a cost and energy saving product.

The thickness material conducts heat quickly and efficiently, cooks food consistently. Under correct usage, food will not burn or stick to the surface, and the cookware exterior will not become oxidized. It
also shortens the cooking time and retains more nutrients with moisture in food.

1. Heat Conductivity

3-ply magnetic which is excellent for heat conductivity as well as even heat distribution to the entire cookware. As such, the temperature difference between the bottom and wall of the cookware body is minimal.

2. Energy Saving & Eco-Friendly

Energy saving. Low and medium heat is sufficient to perform cooking due to the above-explained features.

3. Non-Stick

Non-stick and healthy. The stainless steel feature by itself is safe,non-corrosive as well as non-stick (if used properly). There is also no worry on oxidation as well as hygiene factor.

16cm Sauce Pan with Lid (1.4L)

20cm Stock Pot with Lid (3.7L)

24cm Fry Pan